Thursday, December 19, 2019

50+ Not-So-Baby Boomers: Think Right-Size, Not Down-Size

Rightsize verb: to reduce to an optimal size

Marie Kondo taught me to organize what I have and then donate or gift, with intention, all that is left over.

Joshua Becker taught me to not buy the stuff in the first place.

The first step to a successful Rightsize is to Downsize-in-Place. Not only will this give you perspective on the size and space configuration that you envision for living perfectly in your new home, but you'll be simultaneously preparing your current home to sell for highest & best when it's time to put it on the market.

In my experience helping my 50+ clients Rightsize, I've learned that it is never really about moving to a smaller house. It's about moving to a home that is meant just for them. Not for the kids. Not for out-of-town family visitors. Not for the commute. Just.For.Them.

It's your time. You've worked for this. The She Shed in the backyard for your painting, pottery or writing your first novel. The third bay in the heated garage for your workshop, complete with cable TV and chaise lounge chair. Ready? Let's Make It Happen!

Kim Novak is an SRES: Seniors Real Estate Specialist and RENE: Real Estate Negotiating Expert, by experience and industry certification. She has made it her mission to help her clients Finding Home in Utah.

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