Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A First-Time Homebuyer's Story and Why You're My Favorite Clients


Cottage with a white picket fence.

As a newly promoted 23-year old soldier stationed at Ft Belvoir, Virginia, I was excited to take advantage of two amazing military benefits: BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing allowing me to move out of the barracks and off-post (yay!), and 100% VA Loan, no down payment required, to buy my own house (yay! again).

I had already spent a year or so exploring the area and knew exactly where I wanted to live. Kismet showed up on cue with a For Sale sign on the cutest one-bedroom cottage, with a white picket fence, in my price range, located in a quaint little town - literally over the river and through the woods. Yes, it really looked like this photo! I contacted the listing agent, who wrote and presented my offer, which the Seller accepted. Yay! #3. 

While under contract, the Northern Virginia real estate market took a hard left and prices went through the roof. Kismet krashed when I received a call from "my/not my" agent notifying me that the Seller was cancelling our contract and selling the home to someone else for much more. I was heartbroken. It wasn't until I shared my story with JAG that I realized just how na├»ve, and unrepresented, I was. 

It took another year to get over the sting of losing out on my dream home. I committed to being more prepared the next time and decided that the best way to be an educated homebuyer was to go to real estate school myself - not for the license, but for the knowledge. Which I did and subsequently purchased my first home.

Fast forward ten years ... 

A series of post-military corporate moves brought me to Utah, and soon afterward I took advantage of the opportunity to become a REALTOR®. Most agents will tell you that their favorite clients are sellers. Because of my first real estate experience, mine will forever be first-time homebuyers. I will always honor their trust in me.

Kim Novak, Broker/Owner, Novak Advantage Real Estate (801) 726-1443
ABR: Accredited Buyer Representative, RENE: Real Estate Negotiation Expert

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