Thursday, December 26, 2019

Winter Is the Best Time for Home Buyers - And December 26th is the Best Day!

Winter Is the Best Time for Home Buyers: Buyers savvy enough to close on these dates may find themselves coming out ahead financially. ATTOM researchers pegged Dec. 26, Dec. 31, and Dec. 4, in that order, as the best days for home buyers to grab the biggest discounts on their home purchase.

84 more days for Buyers to take advantage of Sellers' wintertime motivation. Stay ahead of the game and keep track of the Spring Equinox Count-Down Clock HERE.

Perfect house-hunting weather to take us in to the New Year, too! If you've been wondering if the time is right to start looking for a new home, all indications are, well, Yes!

Kim Novak is the Broker/Owner of Novak Advantage Real Estate. She also loves snow.

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